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Tony Kushner har et svar:

Capitalism has done exactly what Marx said it does—it gives the inorganic machine the qualities of the living beings who created it and makes it seem like a living thing itself, not a dead thing created by human labor. We’re trained through market research and the dark genius of advertising to develop increasingly erotically charged relationships with the inorganic. You develop the feeling that you can’t live without your iPhone and your iPad because they’re sold to you as having souls, as magical manna from heaven, instead of what they actually are, which is just stuff that people put together. We feel the object has a soul because human energy went into making it. That’s its truest value, that it’s human made. But to disguise its origins, to hide the fact that your stuff is made by powerless and exploited human beings, it’s packaged and sold as being actually human, organic, erotic. The labor, the human energy that went into making the lifeless commodity, is concealed within, covered over by an effective illusion of life. The Nike sneaker or the iPad seem alive, and we have to learn how to look beneath their surface effects to locate and understand the sources of their uncanny, cyborg power.

The Paris Review, The Art of Theater 16


the uncanny, cyborg power

the uncanny, cyborg power


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